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Ear Piercing Appointment Deposit
Ear Piercing Appointment Deposit

Ear Piercing Appointment Deposit

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Hypoallergenic Piercing Earrings


Over 10,000 piercings done annually with the premium quality ear piercing earrings

3 Steps Piercing Process



We will first clean your earlobes thoroughly with alcohol swab to prepare for the ear piercing beforehand.


We will then mark your piercing position according to the position best suited for your ear and your preference.


Once you have agreed on the position, we will perform the piercing according to the marking with optimum accuracy.
*Avoid seafood & swimming for the first week after piercing
*Wear only hypoallergenic earrings, especially for sensitive ears

Aftercare Tips

Can I use alcohol to clean my ear piercings?
Alcohol has a strong anti-bacterial content that causes dry skin and kills the good bacteria that is needed for your healing.

We recommend you to use Stellar Aftercare Lotion that is alcohol-free to support your healing, as it is gentle on the skin.

Should I remove my studs before I shower or sleep?
You must not remove your piercing studs during the initial healing period, except when cleaning. Keep your ear studs on 24/7 in the first year from piercing to prevent closure of piercing.

How do I know when my ear piercings have fully healed and seasoned?
It usually takes about 1 year. When your ear piercings are fully seasoned, you should not see any signs of redness, swelling, white crusts or yellow liquids around your piercing site.

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Our technicians are experienced and has fulfilled more than 10,000 piercings annually, for all ages. We specialise in kids ear piercing with parents rating us as the #No.1 ear piercing in Singapore, and aim to achieve this now that we have expanded in Malaysia.

We trained our staff with dedication and they are always eager to learn. We ensure a smooth and virtually painless experience for each customer. You can always talk to our technicians on how to style your earrings, we will be glad to help you along the way.